Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in domestic and international restructurings and who wants to further develop and professionalize the restructuring community. We welcome not only those involved in large situations but also those who are active in the SME (small & medium enterprise) segments.

Membership dues are paid annually and differ depending on the type of membership as follows:

  • Student membership (for students and academia) – Eur 50.
  • International membership – Eur 100. Members who mainly work and live outside of the Netherlands.
  • Non-Commercial membership – EUR 100. Mainly members of the judicial branch or academia or anyone who is employed by a non-commercial organization.
  • Commercial membership – EUR 350. For anyone who is not considered to be a student, non-Dutch, or non-commercial member.

Apply for membership

Associations (or other types of organizations) which have multiple members but do not have a commercial objective can apply for a non-commercial organization membership. For more information and fee structure, please contact us at