Dutch Restructuring Association

Welcome to the Dutch Restructuring Association (the “Association”). The Association’s main objective is to be “the body” instrumental to the facilitation and development of the Dutch restructuring practice so that it reaches the highest and most stringent local and international quality standards. The Association achieves this by developing and sharing content and best practices as well as promoting and maintaining connections and relationships between members of the restructuring community in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our key activities include, among others, the development and sharing of restructuring information and know-how, the development of a best-practices fact base emanating from the experience gained in practical cases, and the promotion of a restructuring education and training program through the development of the Association’s restructuring curriculum. The Association brings together all stakeholders involved in a financial restructuring in order to enhance everyone’s understanding of each other’s position and share and learn from the different perspectives and experiences.

The Association specializes in everything related to financial restructurings in the context of the Dutch legal system. However, the association is also very much involved internationally and therefore develops and maintains strong connections with members of the international restructuring community. The association actively exchanges Dutch and international best practices and experiences between its members. By doing so, the Association is contributing to reaching the highest possible quality standards. The Association is, therefore, an excellent resource and body not only for domestic but also for International members.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in national or international restructurings. Our membership reflects all the key stakeholders of a typical restructuring process. As such, members’ backgrounds are varied; including lawyers, judges, bankers, investors, managers, board members, financial advisors, restructuring advisors, interim restructuring managers, and finally academic faculty and students with an interest in restructurings.

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