Privacy Statement

The purpose of the Dutch Restructuring Association (the ‘NVvH’) is to; 1) promote the quality of Dutch restructuring practices and regulations so that they meet the highest standards – particularly in terms of integrity, efficiency and effectiveness; and 2) maintain and promote business relations between members. The NVvH is governed by a Board of Directors (the ‘Board’). The NVvH respects all members’ privacy. Personal data will be handled in a careful and confidential manner taking into account all applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (the ‘GDPR’) and the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (the ‘DPA’). Personal data consists of all (traceable) information about a person.

This privacy and cookie statement (the ‘privacy statement’) explains how the NVvH collects and uses your personal data and for what purpose. Safeguarding the privacy of your information is important not only to you but also to the NVvH.

The Board is ultimately the responsible party (“data controller”) according to the GDPR with respect to the processing and management of your personal data. The Board establishes both the purpose and the way of processing your personal data.
As a member of the NVvH, you provide your personal data to the NVvH either by law or regulation, by formal agreement or by consent. Your personal data will be processed by the Board.

What personal data are processed?
The NVvH processes various (types and categories of) personal data in order to achieve the objectives of the association. The NVvH will not collect or use your personal data for purposes other than those described in this privacy statement without your prior consent.
The type of personal data managed and processed by the NVvH varies depending on your relationship with the NVvH. The NVvH may process the following types and categories of personal data:

  • name, personal address, information about your work location;
  • telephone numbers;
  • your photograph;
  • other contact details such as e-mail address or other addresses required to enable electronic communication;
  • electronic access or identification data, for example login name/password or membership number;
  • bank and payment information;
  • information about your professional activities such as occupation, geographical focus, and sector focus;
  • tracking of your use of the NVvH website and its available tools;
  • information to allow the NVvH to communicate with you regarding events and meetings and for the use of personalized news messages;
  • any other personal data provided to the NVvH or which the NVvH is allowed to obtain in connection with the association’s objectives and which are compliant with the principles set out in this privacy statement.

Purpose of processing personal data
The NVvH only processes your personal data in order to meet the association’s objectives. Specifically, your personal data, as referenced in this privacy statement, can only be used by the NVvH for the explicit purposes listed below:

  • to carry out relevant work and activities required to achieve the objectives of the association;
  • to formalize your membership;
  • to act as a referral source through the membership list on the NVvH website;
  • to enrol you in a training course or attend an event organized by the association;
  • to improve the quality and professionalization of the restructuring community;
  • to facilitate internal and external communication activities;
  • to provide information to you;
  • to track, analyze, and improve the use and performance of the NVvH web site.

Legal grounds for personal data processing
The NVvH processes your personal data guided by – and according to – the following legal grounds which are detailed in Article 6 of the GDPR:

  • compliance with a legal obligation;
  • execution of a contract;
  • obtain the person’s consent;
  • legitimate interest for the association.

With whom does the NVvH share personal data?
The NVvH only engages third parties as necessary to execute any relevant work, activities or contractual obligations. This includes, for example, the use of external providers of IT services, communication services, etc. These third parties are so-called ‘data processors’. Under no circumstances will the NVvH sell your personal data to third parties.
All third parties contracted by the NVvH, who have access to your personal data and process these data on behalf of the NVvH, are required to sign a so-called data processing agreement. The data processing agreement legally requires any third party provider to comply with the GDPR. Therefore, the NVvH also requires a third party to comply with all provisions of this privacy statement. The NVvH, thereby takes all reasonable steps to ensure that third party providers take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is adequately protected and processed in line with and on the legal grounds as set out in this privacy statement.
In addition, the NVvH may provide personal data to any third party as required by law.

Personal data security
Safeguarding the security and integrity of your personal data is of paramount importance to the NVvH. We take all reasonable measures available to us – both technical and organizational – to ensure an appropriate and effective level of security. Only authorized persons within the NVvH are allowed to view, process and manage your data. The Board has an obligation to keep your personal data confidential, unless laws or regulations stipulate otherwise.
Your personal data will be processed and managed in the Netherlands. In no event will membership data be held or managed outside of the European Union. The NVvH will also not provide your personal data to organizations or institutions established outside of the European Union.

Personal data retention period
The NVvH will not retain personal data any longer than necessary. The NVvH will comply with all data retention time limits determined by Dutch law and regulations. Different periods of retention (prescribed legally or by agreement) may apply to different categories of personal data.

Personal privacy rights
The GDPR extends the existing privacy rights of those involved. The NVvH will handle your data safely and carefully. All personal data used by the NVvH remains your property. You can submit a request to the NVvH to inspect, amend, correct, limit, transfer, or delete your personal data and/or revoke your previously given consent.
All requests need to be sent to the NVvH to the following email address: Please state “Request to exercise privacy rights” in the header of the email.
As a member of the NVvH you can also review, correct or delete certain parts of your personal data online.
In order to ensure that, following a specific request, personal data is shared with the right person, we will ask for a verification of your identity. Acceptable verification documents include a valid passport, driver’s license or other identity document, where your BSN number and your passport photo are anonymized. The NVvH will only process requests that relate to your own personal data.

Use of social media and links to other websites
The NVvH website includes buttons and links to promote or share (‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘tweet’) web pages on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The NVvH does not monitor – and is not responsible for – the processing of your personal data by such third parties. By using these media channels via the NVvH, you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk. Before using third party services, we advise you to read the privacy statements of those third parties.
The website may also contain links to other websites. This privacy statement applies only to the websites of the NVvH. Other websites may have their own privacy policies. The NVvH recommends that you consult the relevant privacy statement of those websites before using other websites.

Statistics & Cookies
The NVvH collects traffic and performance data of its website for statistical purposes. The personal data collected in this way is kept anonymous and will not be sold by the NVvH to third parties.
The NVvH uses so-called ‘cookies’ in order to increase the ease of use of the NVvH website and to gain insight into the use of this website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit the website. The data that is stored in the cookies placed on the NVvH website cannot be traced back to a natural person.
For the purpose of measuring statistics, the NVvH uses Google Analytics on its website. This allows the NVvH, to track user behavior, follow general trends and obtain reports. This helps to improve the functioning of the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so or if third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. The information that Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. IP addresses are expressly excluded from the data feed to Google.
When members log in, additional, functional cookies are placed.

The NVvH may offer blogs on its website which are either freely accessible or accessible to members only. All information posted on these blogs (including the initial blogs and any reactions to it) can be read, collected and used by any third party, or its members. A request to remove personal data from a blog or posted comment can be made via the contact details in the subject ‘Request to exercise privacy rights’. In the event that you post personal data via a third party application (for example via social media), you will need to contact the third party in question (or the administrator of the application) for any requests or questions about your personal data.

Changes privacy statement
This privacy statement can be changed from time to time if warranted because of developments in technology, Dutch law and/or regulations. The NVvH will inform you by email in the event of substantial changes to its privacy statement. You can consult the most up-to-date privacy statement on the NVvH web site at We recommend you periodically consult the NVvH website in order to remain informed about the association’s data privacy practices.

Questions & Contact
Please contact the NVvH for all unanswered questions about this privacy statement, all suggestions or comments regarding its content, or if you have any complaints regarding the way in which the NVvH handles your personal data. Please send your queries or comments via email to the following address:
In the event the NVvH is unable to provide a satisfactory response to your questions or concerns, then the next step would be to contact,
among others, the DPA.

This privacy statement was last amended and adopted on 30 April 2021.