PRESS RELEASE – Launch of the Dutch Restructuring Association

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With today’s launch, the Dutch Restructuring Association aims to play a leading role in continuously improving the quality of restructurings carried out in the Netherlands

The Dutch Restructuring Association (“DRA”) brings together a broad global group of leading restructuring experts including lawyers, judges, financial advisors, interim managers, bankers, investors, policy makers and academics. The DRA also invites international restructuring professionals to join the association.

The goal of the DRA is to play a leading role in the continuous improvement of the way national and international restructurings are carried out in the Netherlands. It plans to achieve this by:

  • Providing a platform for all restructuring participants to connect and share their knowledge and experience;
  • Offering a world-class educational program;
  • Developing best practices through the systematic assessment of cases, and
  • Developing strong relationships with the international restructuring community to foster cross-border communication and cooperation and facilitate cross-border restructurings;

With the introduction of the Dutch “Scheme” on January 1, 2021, the Netherlands has implemented an important reform of its restructuring legislation. The DRA is convinced that Dutch restructurings will become more commonplace for both, in- and out-of-court, domestic and cross-border restructurings.
“The WHOA has broad grounds for jurisdiction and was designed to provide speed and flexibility, and for these reasons I believe it is an important new restructuring tool for cross-border restructurings. The DRA will promote cooperation between the Netherlands and the wider restructuring community, in order to ensure that it offers a speedy, reliable and cost-effective platform for resolving international cases,” said its Chairman, Nico Tollenaar.

For more information please visit the Association’s web site at or contact Nicolaes Tollenaar per email at or by phone on +31651845327.


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